No donor site. Good for smaller non-droopy breasts. Better for bilateral cases as symmetry improved. Quick recovery.

Radiotherapy will tend to cause a very high rate of complications. Tends to be firmer and colder. Implants do not last for ever. Hard to match fuller, more droopy breast. Will need to be placed under the chest (pectoralis) muscle.

2 hours in surgery
1 or 2 days in hospital
Should be well-healed in 1-2 weeks.
If a saline expander is used then this will need to be enlarged over a period of weeks via injections into the port every fortnight or so until the desired volume is achieved. 6 weeks for initial result to settle.
For all surgery, scars take 18 months to fully mature.

For the younger patient who has not had children, perhaps having bilateral, ‘risk-reducing’ surgery, implants may be a very good option as no donor site is required and radiotherapy should not be an issue.