Breast Reduction

Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery

Before and after photos of bilateral breast reduction surgery performed by Mr Mat Griffiths.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthetic to reduce the size of large breasts; improve shape; reduce physical problems such as back, next and shoulder pain; improve breast symmetry and improve confidence and self-esteem.

If you thinking about getting breast reduction surgery it can be helpful to see pictures of your consultant’s previous patients before and after surgery. Below is a collection of photos of Mr Griffiths’s recent patients…

Bilateral Breast Reduction – 32H to 32D

Bilateral Breast reduction of right breast (594g) and left breast (810g)

Pre-Operation Images
Breast reduction photo before op
Bilateral Breast Reduction surgery before
Post-Operation Images
Breast reduction after surgery photo
Breast reduction photo after surgery

Bilateral Breast Reduction – J to C Cup

Bilateral breast reduction surgery where 1.4kg and 1.2kg was removed

Pre-Operation Images
bilateral breast reduction surgery before photo
Large & Asymmetric breasts before reduction surgery
Bilateral breast reduction surgery before photo
Post-Operation Images
breast reduction surgery scars photo

Bilateral Breast Reduction – EE Cup to C Cup

Bilateral breast reduction removing 1.035 kg from both breasts.

Pre-Operation Images
Photo of breasts pre-reduction surgery
Post-Operation Images
Breast reduction surgery after photo
after breast reduction surgery photo
breast reduction bra

Bilateral Breast Reduction – 34GG/H to 36C

Bilateral breast reduction where 1.6kg was removed from both breasts.

Pre-Operation Images
Pre-breast surgery photo
Post-Operation Images
Breast reduction photo
After breast surgery

Bilateral Breast Reduction – F to B Cup

Bilateral breast reduction to correct breast asymmetry. 648g was removed from right breast and 794g from the left to create better symmetry and shape.

Pre-Operation Images
Res breast surgery photo
breast photo
Post-Operation Images
After breast surgery photo
Breast surgery after photo

Bilateral Breast Reduction – 36G to 36C

Bilateral breast reduction removing 994gms from right breast and 1004 gms from left breast.

Pre-Operation Images
breast reduction before surgery
breast reduction before
Post-Operation Images
breast reduction after
breast reduction after

Would you like to know more?

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“I am more than happy with my procedure! Couldn’t have gone better.”